Have A Happy foodpanda Holiday Season!

image.jpegChristmas season in the Philippines, in case you haven’t noticed, starts once October hits because the first “’ber” month is when it starts to get cold… and when it gets cold, you shiver and make a “brrrr” sound. I just actually made that up, because I don’t have a better explanation. For the the well-adjusted person, the Yuletide season means getting all merry and full of holiday cheer, but for others like myself, it reminds us of how one’s age is inversely proportional to the number of gifts to be received. However, out of the generosity of my heart, I’ve come to realize that giving is far more fulfilling than receiving (which doesn’t mean that I would choose to refuse presents, mind you). Because of said generosity, and while we’re at it, let’s just add kindness, sweetness, and sincerity in there, too, I’ve spent quite some time in malls looking for gifts mainly for godchildren, and I’ve noticed how crowded all these shopping establishments have become. Parking spots are impossible to find, bank transaction lines are a hundred feet long, restaurant seats are hopeless to come by, and I tend to exaggerate… but only a bit.

The one about restaurants being full gets me the most, as there is nothing more painful than looking forward to eating at your favorite place and being told to wait long, long minutes for a table. This is where foodpanda, #YourFoodieApp, comes in, which has been available in the Philippines since 2014. foodpanda has revolutionized online food delivery, and is the world’s leading platform for the said service.  Having food delivered to the comforts of your home is extremely convenient for countless reasons, including but not limited to:

  1. Saving gas, the prices of which are increasing at an alarming rate
  2. Less social interaction – not having to walk behind slow mall walkers, or those groups that walk in one horizontal line….. or people…. in general….
  3. Avoiding the terrible Cebu traffic
  4. Not having to put on pants. Unless it’s time to go meet the delivery rider to get your food. But that’s totally up to you, really.

Using it is as simple as craving, clicking on your computer or mobile phone (through the Apple App Store or Google Android Play Store), eating, AND then repeating. Download the foodpanda app now or visit www.foodpanda.ph to discover your next great meal adventure.


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