First Month Realizations

Hi! As many of you may know (ahhhh many jud? Assuming ra? Di pwede “few” lang sah?), I went through all that Stages of Grief drama after being refused a Visa. I reapplied (even though what I initially wanted to do was stay in my bed and watch all seasons of “Friends” on iFlix [dala pa man ug plugging] kay ka relate kunohay ko’s ilang adult problems), and to keep the story short, I was fortunately granted one.

Soooo I’m now in Austin, Texas and am training at – well, the place I train at has a pretty watchful eye on social media posts relating to them, so di na lang sah nato hisgotan. E message lang ko kung gusto mo mangutana hahaha – and I’ve officially been out of my beloved island of Cebu for a month! To everyone who said, “Basin one month ra sad ka’s America” and thought that that was the funniest thing they had ever said, well, eat shit and die, guys.

I’ve been assigned to a 400-seater restaurant that’s pretty full most of the time, and one that people actually line up for. I’m currently working the salad station, which isn’t as simple as it sounds. Kung sa Pilipinas siguro, hayahay, pero ganahan biya kaayo mangaon ug sagbot ang mga tao diri, so haleeee ma ti-urok sad ko hapit usahay sa ka wild. Hahaha. And sa tinuod lang, actually, well, to be honest, na kugang ko nga daghan kaayo’g mangaon nga hotel guests sad. Mu order jud dayon ug salad nga tag $20 sa walay pag duha duha! Kung ako’y mag hotel, mangita lagi ko’g kan-anan sa kilid kilid para maka barato? Kung mu puyo ko’g resort sa Mactan, mu lakaw man ko para mu kaon ug barbecue sa atbang. Di jud diay ko soshal. Abi ra diay nako…. Hahahahahaha.

30 days may seem like a short while, but I’ve already had a few realizations in life, which I guess sort of happens when you get out of your comfort zone, no? Ma feeling learned, feeling experienced, feeling kama-o, feeling strong. Patukar jud dayon anang “This is my fight song” nga kanta while maligo kay feeling kaayo gi kaya na ang tanan, pero ang na buhat kay naka limpyo lang diay ug toilet bowl. Ana lang noh!

First of all, I’ve realized that when you’re living with other people, you can’t expect them to be as respectful for others’ privacy as you are. By “privacy”, I mean peace and quiet, which are both important to me (ka sense ko naay mu angal ani nga statement dah). Others will listen to music that you cannot stand, watch shows on their laptops with the volume on full blast, and close doors without turning the knobs so that they don’t make as much noise. The right thing to do would be to tell your roommates in a civil and adult-like manner nga angay sila mag hilom, but since you are not as civil and adult-like as you’d like to think, aw mu balos jud dayon! Magpatukar sad jud ka’g imo, unya ig lakaw sa gawas kay e bundak jud ang tiil. Hahahahahahaha. DILI BETAW! Maninguha man gani ko nga di mag saba saba, and ganahan ko mu balos, but di nako kaya….. charot.

Second, I think that being older has played such a big contrast into my spending habits here compared to a few years ago. I’m still converting all US prices into Philippine Pesos, and I know I shouldn’t, kay halos na lang jud di mag grocery kay maka ingon man ug, “Ngeee tag tulo dos ra man ni’s Cebu”. Matulog na lang jud diay nga way kaon unya ang tiyan kay mura na’g ga concert sag a gutom? Lain sad kaayo. But you see, during my time in South Dakota, sige ra ko’g palit ug bisa’g unsa, pero diri kay halaaaa kung unsa’y pinaka barato nga ma palit, maoy paliton. Bisa’g 20 cents ra’y difference, adto juds mas maka tipid. My younger self didn’t really give much thought about the future, but now it’s all I can think about. I’m already 25, and I almost feel like I should have my own house already…… AHHHH! Over ra sad noh? Hahhaha but you get what I mean… right?

Third (third ra ni kutob, ay’g kabalaka kung gi kapoy na mo’g binasa), it’s nice to feel happy, which was something I couldn’t say during my South Dakota and cruise ship stints. It’s nice to get up for work without thinking, “Pisti oi trabaho na sad”. It’s nice to ACTUALLY have places to see, and to be able to get on a bus and go downtown or wherever you feel like going (but oh myyyy, the characters you meet! And the homeless people who approach you!). It’s nice to take pictures because you JUST want to show them to your family, and not because you want thtoreassure them that you’re having fun, that you’re all right, even though that’s the farthest thing from the truth. Most importantly, it’s nice to have met new friends who you can relate to, especially since they’re going through the exact same things as you are, and that makes all the difference. I lost weight drastically right away during my previous times out of the country, but now the huge belly I’ve managed to create from all the beer I drank in Cebu is still existent, and I believe that’s because here, I’m okay 🙂




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