Sweet Incantations Confectionery & What Else Their Cupcakes Are For

There are many adjectives one may use to describe me – cute, kind, innocent, angelic, and, of course, sweet, so it is only natural that the name “Sweet Incantations Confectionery” should appeal to my, well, sweetness. What used to be the cupcake shop located along Escario has now found a new home in Ayala, which is especially convenient for someone like me who likes to spend my free time shopping………. Hahahahaha. Jowk.
At first glance, the Sweet Incantations kiosk may seem like it only sells cupcakes, but as the saying goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” (wayuk haha). If you take a closer look – and you should, because, as another saying goes, “You’ll never know unless you try” – it actually offers a number of other products, as well. They’ve got gelato (I swear by the Esprassemel), blended beverages (the Strawberry Cheesecake is my personal favorite), coffee, and dishes such as Bicol Express, lechon kawali, and ginaling.
The last part of that sentence isn’t true, obviously, so I’ll now be serious and say that yes, Sweet Incantations is best known for their cupcakes and that yes, they’re all actually very good and have got very interesting names. I don’t want to bore you with comments about how the consistency of the cream cheese frosting is or what the perfect balance between coffee and chocolate reminds me of because, para mubo ang sturya, ganahan ko’s tanan…. but what many people don’t know is that their cupcakes can actually be used for a number of other things. You not only can eat them, but you can actually incorporate them into a number of usual and not-so-usual life activities. Because I’m so sweet (gi ingnan bitaw tamo), I’ve painstakingly come up with this list:

1.`Pandaggo Sa Ilaw Prop
IMG_1630Pandaggo sa Ilaw is one of the most famous Filipino traditional dances, and it involves balancing oil lamps on your hands and head. Fire is a very dangerous thing to play with, as we are all taught when we were still children, and to balance a jar of it on your head?! That’s just insane (char)! If you’re afraid of burning yourself, why don’t you use cupcakes instead? Lisod na magka paso paso kay mahal na kaayo ang tambal…

2. Running Motivator

When you’re completely satisfied with your body and want to maintain it like I do (HAHAHA rrright), one of the most effective ways to do so is to eat while working out. To do so, my advice would be to put cupcakes spaced a kilometer apart along your running path. Reward yourself with a Sweet Incantations for every thousand meter distance that you make!

3. Instant Katy Perry costume
IMG_1643Halloween is just a stone’s throw away – aw, actually, layo layo pa bitaw. Naa pa kay pila ka buwan para mag andam, but according to a recent study called “Mugna mugna”, there is a 79.3% chance that you’ll be too busy to prepare your costume. You’ll most likely have to think of something quick and easy, and Sweet Incantations’ cupcakes are the best ones to use to get the Katy Perry look. Be a literally sweet teenage dream!


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